The Pine Bush UFO Speaker's Conference returns! On the evening of the UFO Fair (June 1st), don't miss your chance to engage with an extraordinary lineup of experts as they discuss disclosure and delve deep into the current state of UFOs in modern discourse.

We will welcome acclaimed director Darcy Weir for a screening of their latest documentary, "Transmedium", exploring the enigmatic world of USOs (Unidentified Submerged Objects). The screening will be integrated with by an exclusive conversation and panel Q&A with Darcy as they provide unique insights into the making of the documentary.

We celebrate the return of Thom Reed who has been diligently supporting the UFO Community and producing his new film, "The Bridge: It's Time to Find the Truth". He has been an amazing informational contributor to the museum and now joins us on this special evening to provide his insight on the current government response to UAP's.

We are honored to welcome Ancient Aliens personality, author, lecturer, and aerospace engineering consultant, Mike Bara. Mike will take us on a fascinating exploration into the realm of Ancient Aliens, bridging the gap between the past and present as he uncovers intriguing connections, revelations and insight on disclosure.

Additionally,we welcome veteran UFO researcher Andy Marcial, who brings to light recently leaked Department of Homeland Security footage featured in the film. Drawing from his extensive research and expertise, Andy offers invaluable perspectives on the topic, shedding new light on the mysteries surrounding UFOs and USOs.

Don't miss this one-of-a-kind opportunity to engage with these unparalleled experts at the 2024 Pine Bush UFO Speaker's Conference!

PLEASE NOTE: Dinner will be available and is offered as an add-on with a separate ticket. Please be sure to confirm when making your reservation that you are choosing the proper ticket. The menu for dinner options will be posted soon and please inquire for further details at pinebushmuseum@townofcrawford.org.

More About Our Speakers:

Mike Bara is an aerospace engineering consultant, lecturer, and the coauthor of the New York Times best-seller Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA. He is a regular contributor to the television programs Ancient Aliens (over 25 appearances) and America's Book of Secrets, both of which continue to show in heavy rotation on the History Channel and History's H2 Networks. He is also an on-screen contributor for the second season of History's newest UFO show, Hangar 1.

Darcy Weir is a documentary filmmaker who over the past two decades has chosen to explore some of the most intriguing topics of discussion today, including UFOs, Cryptids, and even Bitcoin. He has completed over 15 feature-length documentaries on these topics. His goal is to make the world of UFOs more accessible to the public by shedding light on the subject in new ways.

Berkshires UFO: Reed's "Berkshires UFO" incident of September 1, 1969, became the first (Off-World incident) to be officially inducted and formally archived into the United States as historically true, by historians and the office of the Governor. The State induction graced the front page of the Boston Globe and was covered live by ABC News NY. A sculpture and park were erected at the location in 2015. Thom Reed has been acclaimed for establishing the "UFO Monument Park" which is located on Covered Bridge Lane in Sheffield, Massachusetts. The park is now a popular filming location for shows, Ancient Aliens, Unsolved Mysteries, Netflix, and Travel Channel, with donations from the family of B.B. King and the Roswell UFO Museum. The history-making incident is displayed in the International UFO Museum in Roswell. Reed is renown producer, currently a Fox Prime-Time and News Nation contributor, with respect to the UAP Hearings and/or his Berkshires UFO incident via Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix.

Andy Marcial is a researcher of 20+ years who was forced down the rabbit hole after very personal and life changing close encounters. He also recently leaked 3 Department of Homeland Security videos to the public, which were controversial. He wants to open the minds of anyone willing to listen and to show those affected by this phenomenon that they are not alone.