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Special FX Make-Up: Aliens and the Paranormal

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A special event to prepare for the celebration of the Halloween! This presentation combines a Special FX make-up demonstration and lecture from renowned paranormal investigator and make-up artist.

Join award-winning author Michael J. Worden, a long-time Hudson Valley paranormal researcher and investigator, and special FX makeup artist, for an entertaining evening where Michael's love of aliens and the paranormal collide with his passion for special FX makeup. Michael will be conducting a special FX makeup demonstration featuring prosthetic preparation and application and airbrushing. Michael's makeup was a past winner of the Best in Galaxy Contest at the 2021 Pine Bush UFO Fair. During the tutorial, Michael will be sharing some of his top paranormal experiences, such as investigations at Eastern State Penitentiary, The Patchett House (which is included in an exhibit at the museum), The Shanley Hotel, Ulster County Jail, and many more. He will share some of his tips for being a successful and credible paranormal investigator, and will answer your questions about makeup, ghosts, and the paranormal and enjoys speaking with others who share the same love of all things spooky!

A Paranormal Journey - From Fearful to Formidable

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Join Rob and Sara from Get Haunted as they take you through their 18-month journey.... A journey that started with Rob's apparent downfall after his mind-numbing experiences after 11 nights spent at the infamous "Conjuring House". A downfall that left him struggling to find any sort of hope for the future.

On a fateful day in February of 2021, Rob reached out to a total stranger, Sara, who helped him unlock and understand the secrets to how, why, and what he was experiencing, and why it was critically important to take a new perspective on life and the events leading up to this day.

This was the beginning of what would ultimately shape Get Haunted, and what it represents today to the entire paranormal community.

The Letchworth Village: The Evolution of Hauntings

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"We are Seeking Ghosts with A&L", dove into the world of ghost hunting after sifting through media and hearing unbelievable tales from other ghost hunters.

After the famed documentary by Geraldo Rivera, this husband & wife team was inspired them to discover the mysteries of Letchworth Village. In a unique twist of fate, on their visit to the museum, they met several previous employees of the Letchworth. From that, the "Evolution of Hauntings" Lecture was developed.

This amazing lecture will have testimony of the unfortunate history that many believe lead to the many hauntings of the location.

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