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Hosted by Gayle Betty & The Bigfoot Researchers of the Hudson Valley, Cryptid Investigators and Conservationists

The Bigfoot Researchers of the Hudson Valley is a group of researchers dedicated to preserving the Bigfoot Species and their Habitat. On Friday, May 6th, Gayle Beatty will present her group's findings from their expeditions in their search and study of the elusive creature in the Hudson Valley! Some Sasquatch sightings' locations may be closer to you than you know!


Hosted by Mike Familant, Bigfoot Investigator and Documentary Producer

Mike Familant, the producer of "In the Shadow of Big Red Eye", has been researching Bigfoot for over 12 years, and has since captured some amazing evidence along the way. From the Florida Swamps to the North Country and everywhere in between. On Friday, May 20th, Mike will share extraordinary evidence backed by facts that he and his team have collected throughout his journey.

2022 Pine Bush UFO Speaker Conference

A fantastic speaker line-up for the 2022 Pine Bush UFO Speaker Conference is set to kick off the Pine Bush UFO Fair celebrations on Friday night, June 3rd ! Held at the Town of Crawford Community Center, this amazing presentation will bring us new, unheard facts, testimonies, and insight on what might be coming with the latest US Government disclosure on UFOs. Katie Cook, Celebrity Interviewer and Co-Host of MUFONS "What's Up", has interviewed everyone from George Clooney to President Obama and that Friday night, she will present some of the most intriguing guest speakers for the 2022 Pine Bush UFO Speaker Conference.

Cheryl Costa, UFO Researcher, data analyst, journalist and (2013 - 2019)"New York Skies" and award winner of the "2018 Researcher of the Year Award" by the International UFO Congress

Marc Dantonio, Astronomer, Mufon Video Analyst as seen on the History Channels, "The Proof is Out There".

Katie Gribowski, Colorado MUFON's State Director and host of MUFON "What's Up" Radio Broadcast on KGRA.

Bob Spearing, MUFON's Director of Investigations International and Field Investigator in Pennsylvania and Orb Specialist.

Lee Speigel, UFO Journalist, Author and Documentary Producer (2010-2017)Chief Huffington Post writer of hundreds of stories crossing the fields of UFOs and Science. (2020) Co-Writer/Producer "The Phenomenon," with Director James Fox, and writer and host of "Edge of Reality Radio," on KGRA, distributed by iHeart Radio.

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Take a Deep Dive Into the Supernatural World

Attend the gallery talks at our UFO museum in the Pine Bush, NY area

If you love learning about the supernatural, you can't miss the gallery talks at The Pine Bush UFO & Paranormal Museum. We bring in experts for gallery lectures so you can:

  • Listen to enthralling and unexplainable stories
  • Learn about the history and science of strange occurrences
  • Enjoy meeting other supernatural enthusiasts

After one of our gallery talks, you'll have an even deeper understanding to fuel your paranormal passion. Contact us now to get tickets for the next gallery lecture at our museum in the Pine Bush, NY area.